set and costume designer
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//DEVISED BY: Jessica Wilson, Ian Pidd + Nicola Gunn// SCRIPT BY: Nicola Gunn// DIRECTION BY: Jessica Wilson + Ian Pidd// PERFORMERS: Beth Buchanan + Jim Russell// COMPOSER: Tom Fitzgerald// DEVISING INPUT ALSO BY: Bec Reid + Jeff Blake//

Passenger is a theatre work, which places its audience inside a moving suburban bus. A conversation is heard between two fellow passengers and—as we gaze at the passing world outside—we are seduced into an altered understanding of the environment around us.

Exploring our relationship to screen media and how it influences our interpretation of the world, Passenger framed Melbourne’s Docklands as a filmic landscape. It is the frontier of a market-driven economy – and the perfect setting for a modern-day Western.

Passenger references Western films where the cowboy seeks to ‘right’ a 'wrong' that the law cannot rectify.  In a familiar conversational style, two strangers discuss the ethics of contemporary life before the female reveals her true identity and her seeking of retribution.  

The audience, engaged in a heightened 'searching' in the outside landscape as it passes by, are suddenly surrounded by a full filmic experience framed by the windows of the bus and an epic original soundtrack.

Up to 40 passengers journey on a suburban bus for each 1 hour experience which picks them up and leaves them at the same location. Passenger is able to be mounted in any city location and particularly suits financial-like districts.