set and costume designer

Going Down

  -Going Down-


Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre Company


DESIGNERS: The Sisters Hayes//DIRECTOR: Leticia Caceres// WRITER: Michele Lee//PERFORMERS: Paul Blenheim, Catherine Davies, Josh Price, Naomi Rukavina, Jenny Wu// LIGHTING DESIGNER: Sian James-Holland// Composer and Sound Designer: THE SWEATS// Photography: Daniel Boud

Natalie Yang has just published her memoir, Banana Girl, a sexually explicit look at life as a twenty-something woman in millennial Australia. It isn’t the heart-warming migrant story that people expected. Nor is it a feminist call to arms. And it certainly isn’t on the best-seller lists.

Natalie, for one, has washed up on the shores of anonymity. But she isn’t going to wallow in existential crisis, she’s going to double down. Her next book, 100 Cocks in 100 Nights, could be the scandalous reboot her career needs. Or it could be a complete disaster. Only when she hits rock bottom will she find a way back up.

"Look, I don't want to talk about the Mekong. We’re all women here. Let’s talk about the female gaze. On sex. That’s my life. That’s what I write about.”