set and costume designer

I See You Like This

-I See You Like This-

Contributing Artist

Created by: Jessica Wilson and Matilda Woodroofe// Photography by: Carla Gottens

" I felt nervous when you asked my son to consider what kind of person I am."  /  "She has never taken this kind of interest in me." / "My daughter has never looked at me in this way." (referring to the child carefully drawing her parent's eyes). / "It was surprisingly relaxing letting her make the portrait so close to me." /  "I felt closer to him doing this."

Parent comments.

I SEE YOU LIKE THIS is a mobile photo studio and a process which gives space to adults and voice to kids - an experiment exploring the parent/child relationship.  Beginning with the choice of an object which best represents their adult subject, kids completely art direct a creative portrait directly onto their parents face.

With our ever-growing appetite to document our lives through photos and selfies, children are so often the reluctant subjects of their parent’s cameras.  Asked to smile, look cute, look that way, and come in closer, often an interruption to their own concentrated play, I See you Like This turns the camera back and allows children to see their parents as subjects through the lens of their own imaginations.

I SEE YOU LIKE THIS is a recipient of Artplay's commissioning program under the name STUDIO FANTASY.