set and costume designer

Hello Goodbye Happy Birthday


Tour Set & Costume Design


//Direction/Audio-script: Roslyn Oades// Original Set & Costume Design: Christina Hayes// Movement Director: Nat Cursio// Sound Design: Bob Scott & Russell Goldsmith// Original Lighting Design: Paul Jackson// Tour Lighting Re-design: Stephen Hawker// 

Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is a new audio-scripted performance work by Roslyn Oades and collaborators. The source material for this project is the result of an extensive engagement period with community members aged 80 and over followed by a similar process with participants aged 18 years. Immersed in the institutional environments of nursing homes and high schools – this project explores the threshold from child into adulthood, as well as, from self-sufficient adult into aged care dependency. Both sets of age groups were asked to respond to a parallel series of questions, drawing direct links between their experiences. How does it feel to be at the very start or the very end of life’s journey? And what unique insights can we gain from these perspectives? Audiences are offered a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversations of those grappling with how to say goodbye; and where to begin.