set and costume designer

Fallen O'er

-Fallen O'er-


Slown, Smallen and Son


Performed at Abbotsford Convent as part of the ALCHEMY 2016 season

CHOREOGRAPHERS/ PERFORMERS: Alice Dixon, William McBride, Caroline Meaden// LIGHTING DESIGNER: Jason Crick// Photography: Mischa Baker

A site-responsive commission for the Abbotsford Convent’s Alchemy 2016 program. This work had a strong focus on humour, inventive writing, and site- and context-responsive making.

"And the Bishop said 'they can perform the dance at Mass if they pin their tops to their pants'.”

A contemporary performance work inspired by a personal experience of a young woman performing liturgical dances at a Catholic girl's school. ‘Fallen O’er’ arises from a body of research and experimentation, stemming from the artists’ ongoing fascination with all things pertaining to sex and the body, especially when viewed through the prism of religion and religious instruction. How does the body partake in sacred moments of joy, love and peace, without disturbing the peace? Finely wrought and beautifully peculiar, ‘Fallen O’er’ sits at the nexus of dance and theatre, seamlessly weaving the two forms to present a work of both rigorous physicality and absurd humour.